Business Planning  

Building a business plan is not a hard thing; it just need knowledge of local market and ability to understand market dynamics and trends to help building a solid plan that will help you to navigate thru the unforeseeable business risks.

Solid Business Planning and Local Knowledge  

Our consultant may help you to build and document your business plan. Our services is not about getting the document ready only, but also, to help you identify the best business that fits your investment budget and the market needs.  


 - Market Analysis and vital statistics 

 - identify your business milestones and critical Road Map dates 

 - complete your financial feasibility study

 - help you to identify best business location

 - introduce you to local real-estate agents to support your search

 - calculate your require investment 

 - complete your business financial statements forecast (Profit and Loss , Balance Sheet)

 - Sales Forecast Plan 

 - Marketing Strategy Plan 
 - identify your Competitive edge 

 - prepare business risks and SWOT analysis 

 - help with your unforeseeable risk analysis 

 - identify business challenges: credit rating and credit support  

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