Sales Training

Henri Poincare is a group associates of industry leaders and domain experts who are focused on delivering professional advisory services to support sustainable growth for emerging business in Energy and manufacturing sectors within the Middle East and North Africa.

Sales Training

The existing programs have been delivered to more than 5,000 sales personal over the last 15-years in twenty different countries.


Building the sales force within the organisation culture to equip the sales team and other customer-facing staff with professional sales approach to drive sustainable growth.

The sales programs target one or more of the eleven (11) core sales skills as listed below.  The programs cover theory support and skill-importance; practical process and tools are given to individuals to help provide a systematic knowledge-based practical training. Moreover, the coaching process continue to follow-up and mentor the sales people after the workshop in order to capture value and apply learnings once they return to their locations. Most training programs will also require individuals to bring a real sales opportunity they are responsible for winning and apply the concepts to their specific cases. At the end of each training, the attendee will have sufficient knowledge and tools to be competent in one or more specific competencies (listed below).
Other available training option is to build a customised program to meet the organisation specific sales challenges. 

The reference for the standard sales training programs is the B2B Professional Sales:  Theory, Process, Applications, and Tools 650 page sales textbook

Several options are available when to drive sales-coaching that depends on the organisation training needs.  Existing-Core Programs were designed to target specific sales skills and competencies which are usually critical for the following specific audiences:

  • Technical staff moving into more sales-focused roles, where they need to develop core sales knowledge and competency through training

  • Existing sales personnel who require to develop and acquire new sales skills as dictated by the marketplace demands

  • Non-Sales staff and management who need specific sales skills to manage customer-interface tasks and operational matters as part of their roles.

  • Account and Sales Managers


The existing programs are fixable to meet a variety of scheduling options. Programs can be delivered as:

  • Single sales skill two or three-day programs

  • Cores sales skills combined into a five-day program

  • Advanced two-week sales academies, or

  • 5-week sales university is covering all the critical sales skills

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