Outsourced Business Development 

Henri Poincare is a group associates of industry leaders and domain experts who are focused on delivering professional advisory services to support sustainable growth for emerging business in Energy and manufacturing sectors within the Middle East and North Africa.

Outsourced Business Development 

Provide customer-interface and support in challenging markets to help emerging organisations to establish in new market with a positive results. Reduce risk and cash-flow concerns by minimising lead-time required to land on first contract.

Complementing the in-house capabilities through local knowledge and experience to reduce required investment and initially deployed resources. Help the organisation to focus on it is core business while providing all the required support and activities needed to secure a critical growth opportunity

organisations involved in high-value complex deals require intensive sales effort and resources deployed on timely-basis ahead of the deal. Usually, the deal conversion from a general opportunity to actual contract signature is a long sales cycle. Resources and effort shall be invested at early days, from evaluating the opportunity and validating the potential. The complex deals sometimes cause confusion and strategic drifts within the organisation. The ability to manage critical growth opportunities in an isolation of core business allows organisation to maintain focus on the current operations and customers while organically grow into new markets. Usually, this comes at cost; the deployment of special force-teams over extended period of time would require long term commitment and investment. Nevertheless, in the world of new business and market development, many opportunities do not mature nor materialize, leaving the investment at loss. In long sales cycles and complex challenging environments; the ability to discover return on special-force team investment might extend to long period of times, exceeding a year or more; during this period, the cost increase and becomes questionable.

The ability to outsource certain opportunity management tasks and business development to specialized experts does not allow you only to reduce and control investment while keeping focused on the core business, but more important, bring the local knowledge and extended account management experience into the organization to improve returns and enhance sales performance.

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