Market Analysis & Intelligence Services

Henri Poincare is a group associates of industry leaders and domain experts who are focused on delivering professional advisory services to support sustainable growth for emerging business in Energy and manufacturing sectors within the Middle East and North Africa.

Market Analysis & Intelligence Services

High-level review of the marketplace, economic and feasibility studies to identify and validate opportunities for growth. Business plan review, market price and competition intelligence.

The ability to present business plans and ideas in accurate and effective manner would be the first step. New Ventures’ challenges, especially in complex and high-risk markets raise concerns on the quality of the survey data and market information. Organisations are encouraged to source information from multiple directions and channels during the planning phase. The ability to have a step-back and review of the market conditions and inputs, variables, flags with neutral and unbiased eye is important to control risks and address priorities. The Revision should extend not only to market data and surveys, but also to intelligence and assumptions to allow a complete market and stakeholders’ analysis. The utilisation of available outsourced-intelligence and price database is important, but the ability to discuss those details with domain experts who has access, market knowledge and insight is much more important to the accuracy and the validation of the plan. Nevertheless; complementing the plan with professional structure addressing critical business components, Strategic Risks and potential gaps is equally important to the plan readiness and future results. 

Furthermore, the ability to effectively present and communicate the plan and the information in the correct format and channels to achieve the best power-presentation to the stakeholders and audience; whether an infographic approach, or a speech, an expert advice is highly recommended.

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