Alliances & Partnerships 

Henri Poincare is a group associates of industry leaders and domain experts who are focused on delivering professional advisory services to support sustainable growth for emerging business in Energy and manufacturing sectors within the Middle East and North Africa.

Alliances & Partnerships 

Identification of possible partners, especially in emerging markets allow organisations to grow organically without compromising on independence.

Organic growth consume time and capital; organisations may grow into new markets and products through multiple channels and methods. Partnering and alliance agreements with an aligned and strategic organisations is an effective way to expand without compromising on the cornerstone of independence. However, it has not been easy to find those partners who are aligned ethically and strategically. Identifying possible and potential partners, architecturing a win-win deals is the art of the new business ideology of today. Partnering extend to key suppliers, technology inventors, joint ventures, agents and distributors, but also (more important) are those overseas organisations who will perform and represent others in new markets.

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