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Nova Scotia, Canada  

Startup cost can be tricky thing and might negatively load your new business with unnecessary cost. As you move int to your Provincial Nominee Program under the Entrepreneur Stream of Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) , you will be required to register your company in order to get your Closed Work Permit in Canada. The newly established company will require an address and physical office that will come at an early cost and represent unforeseeable challenges:

 - You will be required to have an actual office address for your company and this will force you to rent an office at an early stage before knowing more about the city. You may also find yourself renting for some period (average of 4 to 6 months) even before your first landing into Canada. The average monthly cost for an office will not be for less than 1,800 CAD$ in addition to taxes, insurance, utilities and other charges. This cost might drain your financial resources at an early stage, especially that you might be forced to rent an office for a minimum term of one year , and then you find yourself renting in the wrong place!

You will not be able to submit your company registration papers before having a physical address.

 - You will need to register your company with Registry of Joint Stock Companies in Nova Scotia. You will be required to obtain a Name Search to confirm the name of your business, follow-up with "Access NS" to complete your registration. You will be required complete forms, papers, submit articles of incorporation for your new company.

 - You will need lawyer services to help with your submission, 

 - You might require an Accountant and financial services at early stage 


 - After registering your business with Access Nova Scotia, you will need to register with Canada Revenue Agency CRA to obtain your business number (BN) and complete your business activity description.  

 -  You need to complete your business permits requirements, for example, import and export number, permits from other Canadian Agencies which might control your activity and regulate it.

Get your Business setup ! 

With the help of our consultants, you will be able to set your company faster and at lower cost: our consultants will guide you throughout the process and will provide you will all Public and Government relation activities to complete the task effectively: 

 - We provide a flexible desk services without a term comitement until you are ready to go on your own.

 - You will save money on your office rental cost, 

 - Obtain your company address  

 - We also provide reception services to receive phone calls and mail while you are away  

 - help you to complete your registration with Joint-Stock and obtain your certificate of incorporation 

 - obtain business number (BN) from Canada Revenue Agency CRA 

 - get your import/export licences and permits 

Also, the Company will help you to, if required:

 - build your business plan 

 - obtain local market analysis 

 - review your critical business requirements 

 - introduce you to local manufacturing and trade experts  

 - identify business and investment opportunities 

Kindly note; Henri Poincare is NOT an immigration service provider in any shape or form. the Company will only help you in setting up your legal entity effectively and smoothly using local network of specialised services and lawyers to help you start smoothly and cost effectively.

For any immigration questions; we recommend you to speak to your immigration officer or specialist.  

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