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As of today, the province of Nova Scotia in Canada represent a solid and sustainable business place for your future plans. The government of Nova Scotia been looking for Entrepreneurs to bring value to the province. You may move to Canada under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) 

Startup are not easy, and we recognise those challenges at Henri Poincare Consultants. Our associates will help you to start your business in the right direction and at lower cost. Our one-stop solution will allow you to minimise your startup cost and time while establishing your entity.


In addition to this; we provide fixable desk office (rental) to enable your company to start at lower cost rather than paying full rent at the early days. This solution will significantly lower your cost at the early stage. 


This will allow you to start in the Municipality of East Hants area which is outside of Halifax county, this would:

 1) Offer a better startup environment 

 2) Lower your initial startup cost 

 3) Allow you to get additional points under your NSNP program by moving out of the big city. 

More important, our consultants will help you:

 - Identify best business plan 

 - Help in market analysis and feasibility study 

 - Build your business plan proposal 

 - Provide you with Address to register the Company 

 - Provide financial advisory services 

 - Provide Accounting and Book Keeping Services 

 - Offer investment opportunities 


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Our Team
Moath Al Rawi, Chief Advisor

Strategic Business Development

Joe Amlin, Vice-Chairman 

Trainer, Coach and Strategic Sales

Coupling practical knowledge from oilfield service providers and oil producing companies in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, Moath is holding multiple advisory roles to leaders, CEOs, Chairman of Boards and government officials of various organisations, publically traded or independently owned. In his past 15 years of experience in 12 different countries, Moath was leading various organizations through Change and Growth Projects in complex and emerging market (like LIBYA, Saudi Arabia and IRAQ) of different scale within
Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and OILSERV, at different leadership levels, from regional posts to a Senior Vice President Strategy of a corporate.
A speaker, motivator and writer who published several articles focusing on the importance of evolving the oil and gas industry through multi-discipline knowledge from other industries with the aim to enhance process and reduce wastage. The ideology was fundamentally sparked after completing his Masters of Science in
strategic management from Edinburgh, and founding other businesses in various fields of advertisement, manufacturing and fashion.

FADHEL OTHMAN, Vice Chairman 

Strategic Oil & Gas 

The former Iraq’s Governor in OPEC in early 1990’s and the acting president of IRAQ State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO). With over 45 years of experience in the oil and gas sector at a global level, Mr Fadel has started his career in South Oil Company (SOC) the national oil company of IRAQ after completing his B.Sc (Hons) degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of London in 1962. After his retirement in 1995, Mr. Othman served in senior advisory positions
for several international Blue Chip and Fortune 500 oil companies.
Throughout his early career, Mr Othman focused on the southern areas of Iraq such as Basrah, North and South Rumaila, Majnoon, Qurna, Zubair, Luhais, as well as other major southern oil fields. He played an
important role in the commissioning of major strategic pipelines and the Basrah Oil Terminal. During that time, Mr Othman has conducted an extensive amount of academic work in Drilling and Production at the Institut Français du Pétrole, and Production, Design and Management as part of his research in Oklahoma. He is the author of several publications and articles in energy sector, and key-speaker in a number of major international events and seminars such as the Oxford Energy Seminar in England, 8th and 9th World Petroleum Congress in Japan, and the World Energy Conference in Canada in 1989 and Qatar in 2011. His studies include topics such as marine shipping, crude & products export from the Arabian Gulf, development of the Iraqi Oil Tankers Fleet, and other strategies for the oil sector within the Middle East.

JP Amlin, the author of B2B Professional Sales book and other books and publications in the field of strategic sales and marketing, is a Senior Sales Consultant with 35 years of experience in energy and technology sectors. JP has a wealth of realworld experience in executive level operations management, sales, and sales management. Delivering fundamental and advanced sales programs globally to different industries energy sector and banking. Before becoming a consultant, JP was Manager of Worldwide Sales Training for Schlumberger, for 13 years, Vice President of Information Technology in the Asian Pacific region.
JP practical knowledge and experience was fruit of 20 years of experience in oilfield services operations in various management and executive positions around the world. Upon completing his MBA, JP lectured in the business department of the University of Alaska, Anchorage in the area of marketing strategy. As part of his masters degree, he published two comprehensive reports dealing with critical factors influencing sales effectiveness and competitiveness of the oilfield services sector.
Over the last 30 years, he has continued to research and develop his ideas that have contributed significantly to the content of his sales
training programs and his publications and papers in relation to alliance relationships, sales pipeline management, bidding, negotiations, and account management. JP is also on the board of directors of the Sales Management Association.

DAVID ALLISON, Senior Advisor

Quality and System Management

With over 30 years of experience in the energy industry; David is a certified leader of safety and quality systems for ISO, OHSAS and API. Previously, the Head of Safety for OMV Group of Companies
and the Advisory Board of NIS Gazprom Neft in Serbia. David has lead modernization projects, environmental programs, OHS, Process Safety, Asset Integrity, enterprise risk management, Subcontractor Management and incidents investigation in 26 different countries around the world. David’s quality and safety knowledge was based on practical field experience from holding various positions in the Middle East and Africa as project manager and then country manager for Schlumberger in remote and challenging locations.

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