Henri Poincare is a group associates of industry leaders and domain experts who are focused on delivering professional advisory services to support sustainable growth for emerging business in Energy and manufacturing sectors within the Middle East and North Africa.

Henri Poincare Associates aim to provide a remarkable customer experience in each and every interaction. Our experts and methodologies been helping organisations and leaders to develop an efficient and effective processes and sustain business growth. The association observe the highest standard of personal integrity and professional approach.

Our Services 
Outsourced Business Development 

Provide customer-interface and support in challenging markets to help emerging organisations to establish in new market with a positive results. Reduce risk and cash-flow concerns by minimising lead-time required to land on first contract.

Complementing the in-house capabilities through local knowledge and experience to reduce required investment and initially deployed resources. Help the organisation to focus on it is core business while providing all the required support and activities needed to secure a critical growth opportunity

Alliances & Partnerships 

Organic growth consume time and capital; organizations may grow into new markets and products through multiple channels and methods. Partnering and alliance agreements with an aligned and strategic organizations is an effective way to expand without compromising on the cornerstone of independency. However, it has not been easy to find those partners who are aligned ethically and strategically. Identifying possible and potential partners, architecting a win-win deals is the art of the new business ideology of today. Partnering extend to key suppliers, technology inventors, joint ventures, agents and distributors, but also (more important) are those overseas organizations who will perform and represent others in new markets

Branding Strategy Development 

The definition of the key differentiating elements in the brand and its core set of values by the identification of the brand opportunity through validation of stakeholders and provide recommendations and guidance to position the brand within the market

Contracts Advisory 

Provide contractual insight to bridge the commercial gap between customers and contractors to improve project execution and economics. Remain on budget:

  • Contracts Harvesting & Review 
    Improve contract economics through detailed review of the commercial terms to identify and capture payment concerns.

  • Contracts Architect and negotiation 
    Define the optimum contract structure to improve future implementation and reduce disputes. Identifying the best deal and provide support from initiation to closure. 

Assets Management & Availability

Fixed assets lifecycle management. Statistically speaking, only 30% of total assets are actually accounted for in most organizations, leaving 70% of the investment at risk. In a complex and dynamic organization, the critical assets usually represent only 10% of the total assets, focusing only on this 10% is risking the entire business to fail. 
Tracking and listing assets is only the start of the process; an enterprise risk matrix or ERM is required to enable informed risk assessment and criticality assignment for assets. Usually, assets criticalities are based on accounting bases such as initial cost, depreciation (if known such as the case for linear assets) and asset failure costs. However, a detailed analysis is required on the assets criticality in relation to business continuity and impact of failures.   
New Venture investments usually focus on estimating NPV, IRR or payback and forecast cash flow to understand ROI, nevertheless, cash flow estimates are valid only during asset lifecycle. Informed cash flows forecast will require thorough understanding of the asset life-cycle, which could be best represented by “Total Life-cycle Asset Management”. This model covers asset classes and associated asset life-cycle phases

Market Analysis & Intelligence Services

The ability to present business plans and ideas in accurate and effective manner would be the first step. New Ventures’ challenges, especially in complex and high-risk markets raise concerns on the quality of the survey data and market information. Organisations are encouraged to source information from multiple directions and channels during the planning phase. The ability to have a step-back and review of the market conditions and inputs, variables, flags with neutral and unbiased eye is important to control risks and address priorities. The Revision should extend not only to market data and surveys, but also to intelligences and assumptions to allow a complete market and stakeholders’ analysis. The utilization of available outsourced-intelligences and price database is important, but the ability to discuss those details with domain experts who has access, market knowledge and insight is much more important to the accuracy and the validation of the plan. Nevertheless; complementing the plan with professional structure addressing critical business components, Strategic Risks and potential gaps is equally important to the plan readiness and future results. 

Sales Training

The existing programs have been delivered to more than 5,000 sales personal over the last 15-years in twenty different countries.

The sales programs target one or more of the eleven (11) core sales skills as listed below.  The programs cover theory support and skill-importance; practical process and tools are given to individuals to help provide a systematic knowledge-based practical training. Moreover, the coaching process continue to follow-up and mentor the sales people after the workshop in order to capture value and apply learnings once they return to their locations. Most training programs will also require individuals to bring a real sales opportunity they are responsible for winning and apply the concepts to their specific cases. At the end of each training, the attendee will have sufficient knowledge and tools to be competent in one or more specific competencies (listed below).
Other available training option is to build a customized program to meet the organization specific sales challenges. 

The reference for the standard sales training programs is the B2B Professional Sales:  Theory, Process, Applications, and Tools 650 page sales textbook

Process Improvement Advisory 

Business Process, Assets Availability, Lean Six Sigma and Standard Operating Practices: Provide technical and process management expertise to optimize and maximize efficiency. The examination of business practices, services/products and people to assess capabilities, benchmark process, define strength and weaknesses, and map those processes to address the market priorities.

Lean Six Sigma 
Sigma is a term used to measure deviation. Measuring “efficient” and “effective” process is a relatively compared against best standard within similar industries. 


Sharing knowledge across different industries to utilize best practices may bring a lot of knowledge and lessons to improve and evolve efficiency. A pragmatic approach is required to utilize only what make sense when it make sense is a key success factor. 
Lean Six Sigma helps institute to improve process efficiency, reduce wastage and enhance results. Ideally, the approach start with business-diagnostic through the utilization of 6-sigma methodology to understand business needs and requirements, then rapidly mapping processes to its full potential to reduce errors and improve delivery through identifying of bottlenecks and benchmarking against best process within the industry or similar industries. Identifying areas of improvement to unleash potential and achieve sustainable results within the organization.


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